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At MDN Auto we provide auto brokerage services that manages the process of buying a car on behalf of a customer. This includes finding the desired vehicle, negotiating the price, delivering the final paperwork, and securing financing, if necessary. MDN Auto’s job is to help the customer save time and money in the car buying process.
I do not sell you the vehicle and I am not affiliated with any manufacturer or dealer. You will receive impartial recommendations on which vehicles are best suited to your needs. My professional relationship with a variety of different dealerships gives me the opportunity to get you what you want at the best price. 
It can be difficult figuring out how to execute your lease properly and avoid the financial risks that can be involved . It is comparatively easy, provided that you have my professional guidance. I get the gist of complex lease documents and help make it understandable.
Most people do not want to hassle with the time consumption or the negotiating "game" involved in the car buying experience. As your auto broker I can help you find the new or pre-owned vehicle you are looking for and, at the best price and rate. You tell me what you're looking for and I work for you to get you the right price and the right vehicle. Want the maximum trade-in value for your vehicle? Of course you do and I can help make sure you get a fair price for your trade-in. My job is to help you on a highly professional level to save time and money. From start to finish this process is usually seamless and uncomplicated.